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Solar Battery Powered Wireless WiFi Outdoor Pan/Tilt Home Security Camera System

Solar Battery Powered Wireless WiFi Outdoor Pan/Tilt Home Security Camera System

Solar Battery Powered Wireless WiFi Outdoor Pan/Tilt Home Security Camera System    Solar Battery Powered Wireless WiFi Outdoor Pan/Tilt Home Security Camera System
Low power smart wifi built-in battery camera. 5W solar panel, Built-in 7800mAh battery, 180 Days Free Charge. 4.0 Megapixel, wide viewing angle. WIFI Camera : Support 2.4G wifi network connection. Infrared night vision function, although high-definition color images can be seen at night. High Quality two-way intercom with noise cancellation. Support Micro SD card up to 128GB, and support cloud storage. Maintain long days under 15s awoke everytime, 15 times every day. Image Sensor: 1/2 Progressive Sensor. Detection Mode: PIR + Radar Dual Detection. Alarm System: PIR Sensor + Radar Detection, Message Push to App. PTZ Angle: Horizontal 360 degrees, Vertical 120 degrees. PTZ Speed: Horizontal 55 degrees per second, Vertical 40 degrees per second. Full-Color Night Vision: 0.00001 Lux. IR LED: Infrared LED with a 30-meter IR distance. White Light LED: White Light LED with a 30-meter illumination distance. Built-in Microphone: Voice monitoring up to 20 meters.

Cloud Storage: Storage during alarm recording. Local Storage: Supports TF Card up to 128GB. Power Source: Solar Energy and 18650# Battery.

Operating Power Consumption: Maximum 4W. Operating Temperature: -30°C to +60°C. Humidity: 0% to 90% RH. 1/2 x WiFi Solar Camera. 1/2 x Solar Panel Bracket.

4MP 4K Solar Wifi PIR Human Detection Camera. This camera is suitable for a wide range of installation environments.

It is designed for outdoor use and can be conveniently installed on your doorstep, garage, villa, or even in open fields. We take pride in introducing our cutting-edge, multi-functional solar-powered camera, a revolutionary device engineered to deliver exceptional security and surveillance capabilities while harnessing the renewable power of solar energy. Dual antenna can provide a more stable signal connection and smoother HD video. The camera supports both side mounting and ceiling installation, giving you the flexibility to choose the most suitable installation method based on your specific needs.

This camera excels in performance both indoors and outdoors, maintaining optimal functionality even in the harshest weather conditions. Instant Two-Way Communication, Ideal for Courier Sign-In and More.

Our wireless camera features built-in speakers and microphones, facilitating real-time conversations. Whether it's a courier at your doorstep or connecting with your pet when you're away, this camera lets you stay connected and engaged from anywhere. Ultra-Sensitive PIR Human Detection for Enhanced Efficiency: Our cable-free camera operates wirelessly and employs a highly responsive PIR (Passive Infrared) human detection system. In essence, it activates exclusively in response to detected motion, ensuring prolonged battery life by seamlessly transitioning into standby mode when motion is absent. Empowered by a Trio of Batteries, with Customizable 8000mAh Capacity: Our system comes equipped with three batteries, with the option to upgrade to an 8000mAh capacity for extended usage. It also supports external solar panel battery power, ensuring prolonged standby time.

Moreover, our system features cutting-edge ultra-low power optimization, delivering exceptional energy efficiency and conservation. Remote-Controlled Pan and Tilt Functionality: Experience the convenience of remotely controlling the pan and tilt function.

Enjoy a wide field of view with a remarkable 90° vertical and expansive 355° horizontal range. AI-Powered Face Detection: Our state-of-the-art AI face detection technology brings you precision and convenience like never before. Enjoy seamless authentication and heightened security with our cutting-edge AI-driven face detection system. Crystal-Clear and Smooth Imaging: Experience exceptional clarity and smoothness in every frame. Our camera accurately captures and records even the most minute details within the monitored area. Solar Panel Compatibility: Our wire-free security cameras seamlessly integrate with our solar panel accessory, extending camera power and battery life. The solar panel, designed to withstand water exposure, can be securely attached either adjacent to the camera using the provided screw holes or positioned independently. When selecting the solar panel's location, prioritize ample direct sunlight, avoiding covered or shaded areas. This camera relies on a high-capacity battery for sustained operation. To prevent battery neglect, our app will send you notifications when the battery level is low, sparing you from frequent recharges and ensuring a full 365 days of use from a single charge. Expansive View, Extended Reach: With a seamless 355-degree pan and an 89-degree tilt, you can revel in a comprehensive view of your entire space. Remote Surveillance Made Easy: Stay in the know even when you're away with our free app.
Solar Battery Powered Wireless WiFi Outdoor Pan/Tilt Home Security Camera System    Solar Battery Powered Wireless WiFi Outdoor Pan/Tilt Home Security Camera System